-I make terrible art. that seems like a 5 year old drew on mspaint.
(not proud on most of them ngl lol)

Don't have one lmfao

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Phantomisepic's News

Posted by Phantomisepic - June 12th, 2022

Happy (Late...) Peeco Day Everyone!!!

I Hope you all had a good Saturday yesterday! :3

sorry i didn't really do anything to celebrate pico day 

But i do wish everysingle one of you had the best pico day! 


So, i've been kinda "Busy" lately.

I had to go to camp last week, going to another state for the summer this week, shitz a hussle i'm ngl to you lmfao

i haven't gotten some progress on some of my projects like i should lolol.

//What are these Project// 


One of the more recent ones.

This project is just a mod for a certant indie game you all prob know. i'm not confident enough to say much bout it but i'll let you know how it goes. (its the one i'm working more frequently btw)

Project_Nothing: This is on hold for now. 

Its an experimental one, its going be deveolped it in RPG Maker. 

I've put this one on hold until i'm finished with the other project (project_m) till i'm finished with it.

//What about the charlotte or cartoon projects?//



Posted by Phantomisepic - December 25th, 2021

Merry Pissmas newgrounds

Posted by Phantomisepic - November 23rd, 2021


Wait, yesterday was my Newground's account birthday? swag

anyways I got some updates for yall about The project or ideas I'm either working on or got an idea of.

The Special Cartoon: Charlotte.

I uhhh... haven't started. If I ever say "I'm going to make something" chances are I'm not going to make it lol. However, I will try to make a 1-3 short about it during December. Don't take me for granted.

btw the main character is Charlotte in case you didn't know lol

I revealed her on Twitter.

Zack the "gangbanger"

I definitely should bring this in.

Zack would definitely have his own game sometime in the future.

I thought of the gits on how it'll work out. but it needs more thought 

Here's the terrible sketch I did below to give you a good idea.


That's all for now.

I would just like to say thank u Newgrounds for being awesome and I appreciate being on this website. <3 Xoxo.



Posted by Phantomisepic - October 5th, 2021


Posted by Phantomisepic - August 7th, 2021


Sorry I've been gone for the last couple of days I Was doing school most of this week, and it isn't getting easier of course lol. Oh! and about the last news post. I'm all good now lol.

I've been working on a Short little cartoon with a special someone. 

You know who you are ;)

Can't tell you much about What I'm working on, but I'll Tell ya its going to be somewhat of a surprise lol. 

(If my lazy ass actually does work on it lol.)

3 8 1 18 12 15 20 20 15 19 9 19 3 15 13 9 14 7 19 15 15 14

Idk what those number means lolololaoloodoasloxlXDDDDXDDDDD. -FantomuDevvv.



Posted by Phantomisepic - July 15th, 2021

Moving on. 

Hey ya'll.

Couple of days ago I've been lacking motivation to draw, or to improve.

Plus With all The Drama going around between the Fnf community

severely Dropped down my Motivation. (Plus family Issues blah blah.) 

I' m feeling alot better talking to some of the community members that i look up too like @bb-panzu 

(Show him some support <3).

There are other things Besides the drama in the fnf community.

You see, i' m not a Great artist. i really don't like alot of my art i put out.

Mostly because i use MsPaint. 

Mspaint is Really all I'm comfortable with atm since i can' find a good drawing software i can use.

Thats why i usually don't allow my art into the Artportal since they're more people tallented than me.

Plus I'm worried if The Newgrounds community even accepts me being in the Fanbase.

My goal rn is to have Zack to be one of the mascots of Newgrounds Like 

Tankman, cassette girl, Pico, Hank j wimbleton etc.

Not for fame or for Views or anything like that.

I Want people to be inspired to make something.

Anything idc. Just as long as your doing somewhat something.

*Whew* Sorry had to get that out my Chest. 

Thank you to whoever is still reading this. I Hope you have a nice life 

See ya!!!

(Made this in 1-5 Minutes LOL XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Btw ignore the tags lol)




Posted by Phantomisepic - May 15th, 2021

I have no idea what I should choose... I can't tell you much about what I'm doing. But, what I can tell you it involves this character named, Zack. I'd even have some concept art of him. There's some other stuff but I'll tell y'all in the future. But yeah What should I Choose? 

(Side note Both The Zack mod and the game have some "Mature" Themes into them.)

And yes i did do Them in Mspaint.



Posted by Phantomisepic - May 6th, 2021

I'm going to take Newgrounds seriously, Because i don't want my page being just a shitpost account.

I'm going to work on projects that i want feel proud of.

See you Guys in my journey i guess. -Phantom

Posted by Phantomisepic - May 1st, 2021

So uhh pico day is here. Here's another thing I did for it lol. Ight ima goiu_292984_7734121.png



Posted by Phantomisepic - March 9th, 2021

But fr I'm kinda new here. I want to learn game development, music-making, animating, blah blah blah. this site looks cool to post these kinds of stuff. (if i feel like it lol) but yeah that's about it.